ControlCheck Basics Manage Tab eLearning Courses


Welcome to the ControlCheck Basics eLearning course series for the Manage Tab. Due to the Manage Tab's complexity, this course has been divided into three parts.

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Manage Tab Part 1 - Application Management

Manage Tab Part 2 - Hospital Settings

Manage Tab Part 3 - Mappings

Who should take these courses?

Users who have administrative access to ControlCheck Basics and are responsible for mapping the upkeep of their system should begin with the Manage Tab video series.

What topics will the course(s) cover?

Part 1 - Application Management: Account Management, Bulk Editing, Security Roles, File Uploads, Variance Trends

Part 2 - Hospital Settings: Investigation Portfolio, Investigation Checklist Items, Shifts Scheduler

Part 3 - Mappings: Departments, Unmapped Locations, Formulary, Unmapped Medications, Mapped Users, Unmapped Users 

How long are the courses?

All of the eLearning courses are self-paced and include a graded quiz to test your knowledge.

Time Commitment for Participants: 5 to 10 minutes per course

Note: If you've completed the course(s) and you are still interested in scheduling a "live" webinar session with a trainer, contact your Implementation Specialist or Account Manager.