ControlCheck Basics General User eLearning Courses


Welcome to the ControlCheck Basics eLearning course series for General Users. The video courses below provide a general overview of ControlCheck Basics and its many features.

Since each course is designed to highlight a different aspect of ControlCheck Basics functionality you have the option to select the courses that suit your needs. However, we do recommend that new users complete every course provided to ensure a robust understanding of the application.

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An Introduction to ControlCheck Basics

  • ControlCheck Basics Overview, Logging In/Out, Dashboard Components

User Account Dropdown

  • Change Password Settings, Update Preferred Landing Page, Email Notifications

Analytics in ControlCheck Basics

  • Analytics Overview, IRIS Dashboard, IRIS Metrics, the Snooze Function


  • Investigations Overview, Opening/Closing Investigations, Adding/Removing Collaborators, User Portfolio, Investigation Portfolio Screen

Upload Files

  • Upload Files Overview, Accessing Upload Files Feature, Uploading Files, Additional File Types

The ControlCheck Basics Knowledge Base

  • Knowledge Base Overview, Accessing the Knowledge Base, Searching/Filtering Knowledge Base Articles, Page Help tab

Who should take these courses?

All users who have access to ControlCheck Basics.

What topics will the course(s) cover?

Refer to the course list above to review a list of topics covered in each course.

How long is the course?

All of the eLearning courses are self-paced and include a graded quiz to test your knowledge.

Time Commitment for Participants: 5 to 10 minutes per course [Except for the Analytics course which is up to 30 minutes]

Note: If you've completed the course(s) and you are still interested in scheduling a "live" webinar session with a trainer, contact your Implementation Specialist or Account Manager.