🖥 [Now Available] Optimizing Inventory in Kits and Trays

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Dive into the world of efficient inventory management with our on-demand video of the KitCheck Community event held on June 29th, 12:00 pm ET. Joined by @sandy.still@kitcheck.com and @tj, this session explores the potential of KitCheck reports and analytics in optimizing inventory in kits and trays.

This event delves into how different workflows affect the data within the KitCheck system and how you can utilize this data to gain comprehensive insights into medication usage and expirations. The goal? To empower you to right-size your inventory levels, promote efficiency, and reduce waste.

Whether you're looking to improve operational efficiencies or have specific questions on maximizing the benefits of KitCheck data, this video offers direct answers from the KitCheck team. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to enhance your understanding of inventory management and elevate your healthcare delivery standards.

Watch now and step towards better inventory management with KitCheck.

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