Patient Care: Pyxis 4000 Data Extraction Documentation

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Release Date: March 10, 2023


This is the data specification and directions for accessing and automating the information ControlCheck (formally known as Bluesight for Controlled Substances) requires for Pyxis400 dispensing systems. ControlCheck utilizes the Pyxis4000 archive. Customers are strongly encouraged to used the archive report and follow the below steps provided as the fastest path to a compliant data feed. Customers may opt to author their own query to extract data a different way as long as the output meets the criteria provided by the Pyxis4000 archive. The customer is solely responsible for any issues involving a custom query or report.

ControlCheck ingests Pyxis4000 data from hospitals along with administration data from the hospital’s electronic medical record. ControlCheck then compares the two sets of data to ensure that all dispenses of controlled substances have a corresponding administration for an equal amount. The data specification below is provided so that hospitals can create ControlCheck-compatible data loads for their dispensing data. If your hospital cannot meet the following data specification, please discuss with your implementation specialist or contact

Note: Data pulled from the Pyxis server archive. You may need to contact BD to setup the Archive folder if not already done.

File Transport

Pyxis4000 files can be uploaded via the Bluesight user interface, however, delivery over SFTP is highly preferred. File transfers should occur once per day, in the middle of the night, containing Pyxis data from the previous day.

Recommended file transfer times are from 0400-0600 to ensure 1) data has migrated to the appropriate servers and 2) that Bluesight is able to process files in a timely manner prior to customer auditing. Additionally, it is recommended that the ADC file(s) can be sent at least 30 minutes after the EMR file for optimized processing and data ingestion.

Individual files should be generated per facility although there are certain use cases that would require including multiple facilities. Discuss with your implementation specialist before finalizing hospital groupings.

File Requirements

  • Files must conform to RFC 4180 and utilize UTF-8 for character encoding
  • File size should not exceed 50 mb
  • The file name should follow the schema and can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
    • bluesight_IDNname_hospitalname_pyxis4000_dispensedate.csv

Pre-Implementation & Data Validation

During implementation, your implementation specialist will request a historical extract of data. This is a one-time request that will be manually uploaded into the application. The historical file upload would not depend on the SFTP being fully setup. Potentially some requirements may be different during testing/validation such as file size, naming, and date range.

Automating Pyxis4000 Archive

  1. Contact your Pyxis representative and determine the Archive folder where your Pyxis Server back up resides is already set up and if they know the location for it.
    1. If they do, contact your internal SFTP resource to configure the SFTP client to pick up the desired file from that location. The file is usually titled with the date, such as 051320 and has an extension of .PYX
    2. Confirm the file has a start and end date that is 24 hours prior - 00:00:00 to 23:59:59.
  2. If the Archive folder is not already setup, ask your Pyxis representative to contact the Pyxis Server Support Team to set up the Archive folder for your facility and share the network path (location) of that folder with you for the SFTP pick up.
    1. Once the Archive folder has been setup, contact internal SFTP resource to configure the SFTP client to pick up the desired file from that location.