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Like any online forum, there are six small steps you can take to make sure you get the best results when engaging with the Bluesight Community. 

1. Search for previous posts. 

Before posting anything, naturally, you should check to see if the same questions have been asked and solved before. So the first thing you should do is use the search bar to search the forum for posts that are similar to the question you're thinking of posting." 

When you search, posts with accepted solutions will have a Solved label on them, helping you find your solution faster.

How to search the Bluesight Community Forum?

Whether you’re looking for a solution to a problem or want to share a piece of feedback with our team, the chances are that someone has already posted about your topic. Searching before posting helps us keep this forum organized and helpful, but it will also help you get a quicker answer to your questions! So without further ado, let’s jump right in and learn how to leverage the forum search engine:

a. Use the right keywords

Using the right keywords is essential when searching the Forum. Try being precise with your keywords and use the Bluesight terminology to maximize your chances of finding the topic you’re looking for. For example, search for “pharmacy module for reconciliation” instead of “pharmacy module.”

If your initial search doesn’t return the results you’re looking for, try adjusting your keywords.

b. Try the Advanced Search

Advanced Search is a lot more powerful and can help you quickly filter through topics directly related to your search. The Advanced Search offers a variety of filters to help you surface the results most relevant to your query. You don’t need to fill up all the filters, but some of the most essential include:

  • “Discussions”: allows you to only surface results from posts.
  • “Places”: allows you to only surface results for groups.
  • “Event”: allows you to only surface results from past and upcoming events.

  • “Title”: allows you to search for topics with a specific title in mind. So if you’re looking for existing feedback, you can type “Feature Request.”
  • “Author”: If you know the name of the user who wrote the post, you can search by name to locate it.
  • “Date Update”: allows you to filter topics based on when the content was posted to the forum.