Omnicell User List Report Instructions

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Release Date: June 14, 2024


These are the directions for accessing and generating the supplemental information ControlCheck (formally known as Bluesight for Controlled Substances) utilizes for the mapping of users (providers). When users are unmapped, their patient events are held in a pending status until they are mapped to a ControlCheck role. ControlCheck utilizes a canned Omnicell report. Customers are strongly encouraged to use the specified canned report and follow the steps provided below as the fastest path to successful report generation. 

File Transport

Omnicell User Records reports can be uploaded via the ControlCheck user interface, however, delivery via email is highly preferred. 

One file can be generated per hospital system although there are certain use cases that may require individualized reports. Discuss with your Implementation Specialist before finalizing hospital groupings.

File Requirements

  • Files must conform to RFC 4180 and utilize UTF-8 for character encoding
  • File size should not exceed 50 MB
  • The file name should follow the schema and can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.
    • bluesight_IDNname_hospitalname_omnicell_users.xls

Generating Omnicell User List Reports for Patient Care Module 


  1. Login to OmniCenter 
  2. Go to Administration (gear icon), and select ‘Global Export and Import Records’ click ‘Continue
  3. Select ‘User Records’ from the report dropdown
  4. In the Export Location field, enter the desired export path to the directory location of where the report is to be ‘dropped’ and click ‘Export
  5. A pop-up will appear confirming the successful export
  6. Locate and send the generated file to Bluesight

*Note: Users often pull the 'User Site Records' report. This is not the same/correct report to generate. ControlCheck would need the User Records report.